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Bricks and Pavers - Sample Colors - Brick and paver color samples.

Buff Glen-Gery Bricks - Sample Colors - Color Brick Samples.

Beige W/Speck (S42) Extruded (special order)
Cashmere Extruded
Chaparral Extruded
(special order)
Cherry Lane Handmade
Golden Dawn (W27-28) Extruded
Goldsboro Extruded
Sahara Velour Extruded
Sand (R33) Extruded
Tawny Beige (S32) Extruded
Tawny Beige (W32) Extruded

Glen-Gery Bricks - Buffs Sample Colors - Buff Brick samples .
Locate brick colors . Color accuracy of the brick chip-sample is not guarenteed - monitor color accuracy and brightness vary. If a high degree of accuracy is important you should get a sample, swatch, board or palette of the buf bricks from a retail store or supplier and view it under the conditions where you will be using the bricks. Spelling: Glen-Gery or GlenGery not glengary, glengarry, glengerry, glen-gary, glen-garry, glenn-gerry, glenngery, glenngary or glenngarry.

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